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Welcome to Dr. Wu's research group, a new lab which started in February, 2019 at the Department of Photonics in NCKU, Taiwan. Our research has primarily focused on the nano-optics and nano-photonics, from fundamental physical analysis to practical applications, especially for the field of plasmonics, metamaterials and metasurfaces for light manipulation. In addition, we dedicate to develop a highly interdisciplinary field which incorporates with the active materials, metasurface/metamaterials, and quantum optics for the investigation of light-induced processes at nano-scale. We sincerely welcome people from all backgrounds to join us.



Dr. Pin Chieh Wu 

Associate Professor
Department of Photonics
National Cheng Kung University.

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LATEST NEWS Publications


Metasurface-tunable lasing polarizations in microcavity

Z. Yuan†, S.-H. Huang†, Z. Qiao, P. C. Wu*, and Y.-C. Chen*

Optica just accepted (2023) (†Equal contribution)

Awards & Honors


“Outstanding Young Physicist Award”


supported by

The Physical Society of Taiwan 


 Group Activities

2023/01/12 Birthday party for Prof Wu and Tzu-
2023/01/12 End-of-the-year party
2022/12/20 Christmas party~
2022/12/03 OPTIC 2022 with group members
2022/11/12 Gathering with group members
2022/10/26 Gathering with undergraduates
2022/09/01 Group photo
2022/08/20 Teacher Appreciation Banquent
2022/07/25 Farewell Party
2022/01/21 Birthday celebration
2022/01/17 End-of-the year party
2021/12/23 Christmas Party
2021/11/22 Gathering with undergraduate students
2021/11/11 Gathering
2021/10/07 gathering
2021/02/04 End-of-the year party
2021/01/21 My birthday party in NCKU
2019 Our lab members
2020/01/22 Our first end-of-year party
2020/10/22 Group photo
2020/01/22 My first birthday party in NCKU
2020/11 Lab gathering
2020/12/03 The first batch of undergraduates
2020/12/03 Lab members in the OPTIC

Latest News & Events


Congratulations! Dr. Wu is awarded the “Outstanding Young Physicist Award” supported by The Physical Society of Taiwan


Congratulations! Our lab member-Yi-Chen Cheng won OPTIC Student Paper Award!!


Congratulations! Dr. Amir Hassanfiroozi is awarded the "2022 Outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher" supported by NCKU, Taiwan


Congratulations! Dr. Wu is awarded the “Yushan Young Scholar” supported by Ministry of Education (MOE), Taiwan


Congratulations! Dr. Wu is awarded the “Young Optical Engineering Award” supported by Taiwan Photonics Society, Taiwan


Congratulations! Dr Wu is selected as an Outstanding Reviewer of the IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology in 2018

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